Seba and associates is Landscaping and topographical Surveying consulting firms in Tanzania., was registered under Certificate of No. 152000 issued on the 10th October 2005. Seba and Associates is a privately owned, based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. It is the wholly owned and managed by Tanzanian who are senior members of the Land surveying profession and has a considerable experience in the profession as well as general supervision of engineering projects. Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sebastian B.K. Bebwa is supported by adequate numbers of other key staff like field surveyors, technician

These professionals enjoy an impressive performance in topographical, engineering, bathymetry or hydrographical, mining, control and cadastral surveying projects for various organisations and institutions in Tanzania and abroad. Furthermore, they are conversant with manipulating modern surveying technologies such as total stations, Global Positioning System (GPS) and related computer softwares.

Mr. Bebwa is Fully Registered Surveyor and Licensed Surveyor with the National Council of Professional Surveyors (NCPS) from 1997 and. He is also a Fellow of Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (IST).

Seba and Associates believes in promoting team work and close interaction between the client and consultant so that the client is kept informed of development of the project through all stages.

The guiding principle of the firm is to create the best in land, Topographical and Engineering delivery consultancy that fulfil the client’s functional requirements in quality, budgetary and timely delivery.